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    NAS Jacksonville, FL - Hospital

    In an emergency, call 911.

    The nearest major hospital to Naval Air Station Jacksonville is the Naval Hospital Jacksonville that offers both inpatient and outpatient care. The hospital offers surgical services as well as intensive care resources. A branch medical clinic is available on base, and appointments can be made by calling 904-542-3500. There are an additional eight branch medical clinics throughout the Jacksonville area. For information regarding hospital services, call the Naval Hospital at Naval Air Station Jacksonville at 904-542-7300 and 904-542-3500.

    Hospital/Military Treatment Facility
    Child Street
    Building H-2080
    Naval Air Station
    Jacksonville, FL 32214

    Phone 904-542-7300 / 904-542-3500
    Phone (DSN) 312-942-7300
    Fax 904-542-9171
    Fax (DSN) 312-942-9171

    24 hours a day